Teachings and Observations of John Dobson

John Lowry Dobson (September 14, 1915 – January 15, 2014) was an amateur astronomer and is best known for the Dobsonian telescope, a portable, low-cost Newtonian reflector telescope.[2] He was less known for his efforts to promote awareness of astronomy (and his unorthodox views of physical cosmology) through public lectures including his performances of “sidewalk astronomy.”

John DobsonLoose-Leaf Book 1 and Book (Table of Contents)
TOC Part 1Table of Contents: Part 1
TOC Part 2Table of Contents: Part 2
Chapters 1 to 6"4 Questions" to "Borders"
Chapters 7 to 13"Cats" to "Connecting the Maps"
Chapters 13 to 19"Connecting the Maps (cont.)" to "Dying Stars Viewed From Death Valley"
Chapters 20 to 23"Einstein's Geometry to Entropy"
Chapters 23 to 30"Entropy (cont.) to How Much Are We Willing to Take for Granted?"
Chapters 31 to 33"Huxley to It's Alive"
Chapters 34 to 38"Memories — An Apology" to "Observational Evidence"
Chapters 39 to 41"On the Beaches of Africa" to "Origins"
Chapters 42 to 46"Personal and Impersonal" to "Physics and Vedanta - Addendum 2"
Chapters 47 to 54"Potholes and Plate Glass" to "The Big Bang: 'A Thing of Rags and Patches'"
Chapters 55 to 56"The Double-Slit Experiment" to "The Equations of Maya"
Chapters 57 to 63"The 'Exterior Decorator'" to "Tycho"
Chapters 64 to 70"Various Shorts" to "Why Hydrogen"