To My Next Incarnation

How Science Led Me to Spirituality

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“An engrossing discussion of the limits of modern science and the virtues of ancient spirituality.” — Kirkus Reviews

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To My Next Incarnation: How Science Led Me to Spirituality is one layman’s quest to show that modern science and spirituality are not incompatible and in fact point toward the same realization: that beyond our sensory misperception of the world lies an undivided, unchanging, infinite principle, called, by followers of various religious traditions, God, Brahman, …

Neil Feldman

Reason and logic were touchstones in Neil’s life.

Neil was born in 1952 in Valley Stream, NY, and grew up in Roslyn, NY, where in high school he first encountered, in his words, the “mind-boggling” discoveries of Einstein and Quantum Theory. His studies in science, for his electrical engineering degree, and in religion — and in particular Advaita Vedanta — while at Case Western Reserve University led to his lifelong passion for both systems of thought. After taking a break from college to live and study at the Vedanta Center in Chicago, and making a life-altering visit to India, he returned to complete college, and soon thereafter married and started a family. He worked for Motorola before founding a television post-production facility, Video Post & Transfer, in Dallas, Texas, and later an artificial 3-D film synthesis company, In-Three, in Los Angeles.

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"Now the European physicists and philosophers took for granted that matter is both insentient and inert. The Sankhyans in India took for granted that matter is insentient but 'ert' (active). The Vendantins in India took for granted that matter is both sentient and ert."
— Neil Feldman
November 10, 2007


As I was contemplating (my imminent death), I found myself saying to myself: “I just wish that I could remember, in the next life, what I've learned here. I don't want to go through this all again, to get to this point, and realize, oh shit, that's what this is!” But there's no guarantee we take any of this knowledge with us into the next life. All we know is – all I know is – that consciousness must be conserved. You can't create consciousness, and you can't destroy it .
— Neil Feldman, September 1st, 2014


"We are like Xerox machines looking for Xerox machines to copy. Because the 'underlying existence' shows through in us, we are pulled towards peace and love and freedom, and we look for them in others."
— Neil Feldman
November 10, 2007

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